Are Your Coils Getting Burnt?

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August 7, 2017
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brunt ecig coilsYou may expect this from a newbie vaper, but believe it or not, even the most seasoned vaper has experienced this too:  Burnt Coils. The taste is unmistakable and not one you want when your midst vaping! Going from the enjoyment of tasting the liquid and lost in the fog to hitting a dry point. Just like burnt popcorn, the taste is hard to lose. According to this article – box & vape mods guide for 2018 and beyond by coils can get burnt if you are using uncompilable box mod or other device.

Fortunately, there are things you can do that will prevent that experience. But, like many things, you need to understand why it happens first and then prevention will be easy.

Prime The Coils – ALWAYS!

The cotton in your e-cig is dry and it doesn’t take a genius to know that dry cotton burns easy and fast. To keep that from happening, priming the coils is a must before you ever fire up your e-cig. Regardless if you’re using the traditional cartomizer or you’ve upgraded to a newer atomizer, abe sure the coils are primed by allowing it to sit for no less than 10 minutes in the tank filled with your favorite juice.

Take It Slow

We know how hard it can be to have patience when you’re ready for your next hit of that delicious juice, but wait you must! The faster and harder you vape, the faster and harder the coil will burn. And this is even more so when it comes to the high-VG juices because they don’t absorb into the cotton as quick as other juices. A 20 to 30 second wait before taking the next hit will make all the difference in the world.

Carefully Choose Your Potion

If trying all of these things we’ve suggested here aren’t working, then perhaps you need to change brands of e-liquids and go with one that has more PG content. The liquid will be thicker with when the VG content is higher, so try going to one with less VG content make be what it takes.

Power Down

The higher the wattage, the faster the vape juice burns up. Sometimes lowering the wattage can minimize, even eliminate burnt coils. Yes, the lower wattage won’t let you create the big clouds, but it’s better than burning the coil, right?

Temperature Tweaking

Temperature control functions are key in vape coils not burning. Set your e-cig at a certain temp and then stay with it. With a lower temp, if your coil isn’t damp enough with the juice, it won’t be as apt to burn up.

Change Out The Coil

If after trying the things we have mentioned here, you may want to change out the coil head. This is especially so if your e-cig has been fine all this time and then the burnt taste just happened without any warning.

Proper Tank Filling

Are you filling your tank properly? You will avoid that burnt taste by learning how to prepare the coil heads correctly. After you have installed your coil, put some of the liquid drops into the wick holes. As we mentioned above, fill the tank and then allow it to sit 20 to 30 minutes in order to get the max from your e-cig. Remember: You can’t rush greatness.

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